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Worship and Praise Lyrics

A Comprehensive Lyric App
Worship and Praise Lyric
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Over 3400 Worship Songs/Lyrics.

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SDA Hymnal with Tunes

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SDA Hymnal with tunes
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Worship Companion

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This App was designed to enhancement your worship service to the Lord.

+ Local search of specific song in Hymn book
+ Sync your beloved Favorites and Notes to the Cloud securely.
+ Create personal Notes or Meditation per Song.
+ Listen to the music tunes
+ Add to Favorites
+ Create your own worship program
+ Global search of titles in all available hymn books.
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Our Android Apps below

Worship and Praise Lyriucs Donnez-Lui Gloire SDA Hymnal with Tunes Chants D'Esperance with Tunes WordX Game Hymnes et Louanges

PrivaShield Gold Features E-mail

PrivaShield Gold is a state of the art Privacy Protection and Junk File management software.
This product has been the result of several years of research and It is the marriage of the best features of competing products into one. It is dynamic, powerful yet flexible and easy to use.
This Software enhances your overall System performance, by Periodically removing junk files from your computer.

Features this product offers
Integrated Shredder.
Clean up cache and history for the following browsers: PrivaShield Gold

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Netscape
  • Firefox
  • Opera
  • Safari
  • Google Chrome
  • AOL Browser via Perfect Clean module

User Defined Cleanup Items
"User Defined Junk Cleanup Item" UDJCI, you can extend the cleanup ability of our software without upgrade or purchase of new modules. Simply use the provided Interface, and select the Cleanup control you want.
Instant Clean: Have you ever wished that you cleaned up your Web Browsing Activities after you've surfed the NET but you forgot?
Instant Clean, does just that for you. When you turn it on, it monitors your Web Browser and as soon as it closes, Instant Clean immediately cleanup your browsing activities. No more worries, no more I wished I remembered.

With Profiles, you can arrange your cleaning process into groups, you can customize a profile then save it, create another profile then save it after you're done; you can easily switch between Profiles and all your selections are retained per profiles... Your cleanup statistic also are saved with your profiles.
Folder Space Explorer
This Amazing tool is the most loved of them all. It allows you to scan your hard drive to find the Folders that are using the most disk space. This can be useful when your disk space is shrinking and you don't know what's using it.
Other Feature sets:

  • Clean the Windows Temp folder
  • Purge "Recent Document list"
  • Run History
  • Microsoft Office 2000 to Office 2010)
  • Local and Internet Search assistant
  • Google and Yahoo Search History
  • Privacy Report and protection engine
  • Cookie Manager
  • Windows Startup Manager
  • Empties the Recycle bin
  • Waste statistics / Charts and Graphs
  • Allows you to add file exceptions
    • Allows you to customize PrivaShield Gold to avoid deleting specified files, even if they are in the temporary folders.
  • Delete Junk Files base on Age
    Provides you with a comprehensive Privacy and Risk Assessment Report.

Note: We care about your privacy and our reputation.  Our Software is safe and free of any Spyware or viruses, and We provide Transparent installation and Uninstallation of our software. Get this Today


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